Our Customers Are Crowin’

“Unbelievable creativity from presentation & gourmet flavor combinations to pairings. Not JUST a cupcakes!”
Laura R.
“Your cupcakes are amazing! Thanks for taking part in the March of Dimes event tonight…your samples were the best of the evening in my opinion. ”
Lesley L.
“My first exposure to Chad’s amazing cupcakes was at my bridal shower back in June, 2013. I did not want traditional, so we had wine, cheese, and sweets pairings. Part of those sweets were Chad’s cupcakes. We got lots of compliments on the shower, but most of all, EVERYONE raved about the cupcakes. So, when it came time for our reception, I sought out those cupcakes. I was so very happy to hear that Chad had his own business, 4 & 20 Bakers. We got a combination of sizes for guests, and a jumbo (Guinness Bomb) one for us. Again, people LOVED them! In addition to the quality and taste of the cupcakes, working with Chad could not have been more enjoyable. He is a businessman; very professional; but he felt like a friend. He was so kind and courteous and such a pleasure to meet. I have recommended 4 & 20 Bakers to every person I know in need of cupcakes. We are so very thankful to you, Chad, and wish you all the best in continuing to grow and expand your amazing business.”
Megan D.


The George-Anne: The past behind the pastry, Statesboro local rolls out a new path by becoming a pastry chef

“With this year coming to an end, one can’t help but look forward to the adventures summer can bring. It’s important to know that one must always be inspired. As college students in a time of great technological and ideological expansion, there are so many individuals around us to learn from and be encouraged by, especially here at Georgia Southern.”

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Connect Statesboro: What’s cooking with 4 and 20 Bakers

“Whether you’re in the mood for baked brie, red velvet cupcakes, sweet potato pie or something more off the wall — like bacon s’mores – 4 and 20 Bakers, a veteran-owned online bakery with a focus on catering and delivery, has enough desserts available in stock to satisfy your sweet tooth.”

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The George-Anne: 4&20 Bakers becomes Statesboro’s first food truck

“Statesboro’s first ever food truck is finally here. That’s right, Statesboro is now home to a mobile concessions vehicle that is owned and operated by local farmer, baker and business owner Chad Montgomery.”

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Statesboro Herald: A Mobile Bakeshop Rises in Statesboro

“After leaving one dream job, T. Chad Montgomery is making another vision a reality.”

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The George-Anne: From dream to table: 4&20 Bakers owner grows his sustainable farm

“You may have noticed him selling his cupcakes at the downtown Statesboro Main Street Farmer’s Market. You may have also seen his desserts adorning the display racks at Three Tree Coffee.
Chad Montgomery, local owner of catering and food truck business 4&20 Bakers, is capitalizing on another aspect of his business- his farm..”

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