4&20 Bakers is proud to be a veteran owned business and our "cupcake mantra" is to provide “love at first bite” cupcakes that are scratch-based and stretch beyond the realms of your typical dessert cupcake.

Our traditional flavors will “bring you back.”

When you want to spread your wings to go above and beyond, 4&20 Bakers has cupcakes inspired by beer, wines, tequila, bacon, chicken wings, molecular gastronomy, vegan, gluten free and low fat options.

Come pick your flavor

In my mom’s kitchen all ya had to do was “Put a lil love in it” and it came out delicious every time. As much as I love baking, I really love sharing what she taught me about baking. These are dedicated to all of the people we’ve called Mom. Some of these recipes are from family, friends, and some snooping I’m not so proud of.

We hope you like what comes out of our ovens. 4&20 Bakers signature size is the handmade mini cupcakes. (3 per serving suggestion) They are cute, pack a punch of flavor and are highly addictive, proceed with caution.Bigger isn’t always better. However if bigger is for you, along with our signature mini we offer other sizes; standard, jumbo, and King or Queen (serves 6-8)

Mini (Signature size) Standard Jumbo King / Queen

Please inquire for pricing. Minimum order for mini, standard and jumbo: 1 dozen (no minimum for King/Queen)

Wholesale or custom order? Please call (518) 852-1368 or email mrchad@4and20bakers.com.

(V) Vegan option; (VF) Vegan friendly; (GF) Gluten free

4&20 K9 Gourmet “Stash a pill” dog cookies and Custom K9 Gourmet cookies

Giving your dog medicine or supplements is easier with “Stash a pill” cookies. Put the pill in the stash spot, cover with our ready to mix frosting or peanut butter and everyone has a good experience.

I wouldn’t feed anything to your pets that I wouldn’t feed to mine.

It doesn’t hurt to be a chef and baker with an Animal Science degree. By having a wife with a higher (I had to add) Animal Science degree our dogs never received table scraps and snacks were fresh vegetables or fruit from the garden. Their favorites were carrot, apple, strawberry, sweet potato, and blueberry.

Our newest love is named “Golden Willow Bennie and the Jets.” Bennie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves Dog-agility, Rally Obedience, fishing, hiking, road-trips, camping, and walks along the beach.

Bennie’s favorite foods are OriJen, Acana and Holistic Select brands.

We take Bennie everywhere and we carry these homemade treats since people always want to feed him the boxed dog junk food and who knows what’s in that?

Our treats begin with Organic Whole Wheat flour and hand-picked ingredients that your dog will be sure to enjoy whether training or if you are just sharing the love.

Coming soon: Insects! (Chocolate chirpetty chirp)

Insect nutrition
TED talk "Why not eat insects?"

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"Your cupcakes are amazing! Thanks for taking part in the March of Dimes event tonight...your samples were the best of the evening in my opinion."

Lesley L.

"Unbelievable creativity from presentation & gourmet flavor combinations to pairings. Not JUST a cupcakes!"

Laura R.

"...the rootbeer mini cupcakes...I just died and went to guiltfree heaven!!!!! You seriously have to try these things!! :)"

Shelley M.

I had a really cool job as a Department of Defense contractor. I helped my military brothers and sisters and their families prepare for and endure cycles of deployment to places like Iraq and Afghanistan. There were more perks. For example, my caller ID showed up as “U.S. Government” and I could really mess with my friends with that.

Our contract ended and I was given a little over a week’s notice that my job was eliminated. That same week I lost my mom.

Somewhere between “Shock and Denial” and “Acceptance and Hope,” my inner- Marine kicked back in and I changed my perspective to, “I can do anything I want to do!”

I knew this was going to be a character building experience. I swallowed my pride, often. I asked my family and friends for work. I raked lawns, cleaned and painted houses; cut fire wood, pampered pets, delivered pizzas, whatever it took.

When they ran out of projects I focused on my love of cooking and offered to ‘Personal Chef’ where they bought the ingredients and gave me a donation. Everything changed after I catered a small private wedding.

I began researching organic farming by attending conferences and workshops. I hyper focused to learn more ways to have fun with food, such as using molecular gastronomy, gluten-free cooking, vegan diets and sugar free baking.

My family and friends are small business owners, educators, and hardworking individuals. They always took my calls and made time to give me advice. They really helped make this dream come true.

I started organizing my favorite recipes and those shared from my family and friends. I decided if I created sweet and savory cupcakes, I wouldn’t have to choose between being a chef or a baker so I became a chef who bakes.

At 4 &20 Bakers, we hope you will appreciate why we cook, bake from scratch and choose local ingredients because it just has to be worth it, and it has to be good.

To me, if it doesn’t taste good, I don’t eat it. So if I am going to indulge, it better be worth it and it better be delicious.

Thank you for this opportunity and I hope that you taste the love.

Veteran owned business

4&20 Bakers is proud to be the first Veteran owned bakery in the Capital District recognized by the National Veteran- Owned Business Association. We have special promotions for Veterans, just ask.
We use Eco-friendly packaging, and we use New York State ingredients to support our local farmers and businesses.

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831 New Louden Rd
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You can call us at (518) 852-1368, send an email to mrchad@4and20bakers.com, or use the form below to contact us:

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